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A basic mix is equal parts by volume, ether/kerosene/oil.

A better mix is ether 3 parts, kerosene 3 parts, oil 2 parts by volume.

There are many variations for different purposes. My Diesel Diary goes into this in detail.

READY TO USE FUEL available only in quarts at $15 plus shipping which will vary with destination. Shipping on two quarts is only a little more than shipping on one.

ETHER 40%. Use John Deere starting fluid. Makes one quart fuel.

CASTOR 25%   Use SIG or Klotz. No synthetics.

KEROSENE 35%  K1 or paint store.

ADDITIVE 4%  Cetane Booster from auto stores or WalMart.

TOTAL 104%.   Mix fuel and add booster last for ease of measurement.